Thursday, May 11, 2006

Angela Merkel on EU Constitution and European Union Bureaucracy

We are fans of Angie Merkel, the German Chancellor.

Mark Beundermann at in "Merkel plays down hopes of EU constitution revival" writes on two important EU issues and Merkel's views on them as follows:

"German chancellor Angela Merkel has played down expectations that next year's German EU presidency will bring about a revival of the EU constitution, while pleading for 'less Europe' in terms of over-regulation from Brussels.

...the German chancellor also attacked over-regulation and bureaucracy from the EU institutions.

She indicated that the German presidency [in 2007 ] will prioritise the scrapping of superfluous legislation and red tape, a process which is also being championed by European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso. "Less Europe can mean more," she said, explaining that Europe would be able to better concentrate on core tasks when removing unnecessary laws."

We agree completely.