Thursday, April 14, 2005

Incorporation of a Company in the UK

Citizens of the UK but also citizens of other EU countries can incoporate a company in the United Kingdom, where it is much cheaper to do so than e.g. in Germany.

We refer here to


which is "a do-it-yourself (DIY) company formation Web site. By posing questions, it takes you through the process of registering your company in England, Scotland or Wales. It generates the legal documents, including the memorandum and articles of association as well as the company register. It also provides several articles explaining company formation, how to set up a limited company, and check for name availability."

Quoted from the TVC Alert at The Virtual Chase.

We tried a test run, but a legitimate address in either England, Scotland or Wales is required, so make sure you have that before you begin. Such addresses can be acquired for a fee from office service firms such as Regus, Alliance, or Kendlebell, .

In part, crossposted to LawPundit.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

European Constitution ratified by Italy

The in Honor Mahony's article "Italy ratifies European Constitution" reports that Italy has become the first major EU country and the first of the original EU members to ratify the European Constitution in a 217 to 16 vote in its upper house. The lower house voted in favor of the EU Constitution in January.

Four countries (of 25) have now ratified the European Constitution: Hungary, Italy, Lithuania and Slovenia. Spain has approved the EU Constitution in a referendum, which still needs parliamentary approval.

Germany's Bundestag votes on the EU Constitution on May 12.

Once Germany has ratified the EU Constitution, any country which votes against the EU Constitution will be making a significant political and economic blunder, since it will push Germany eastward in the direction of the new EU countries (who will all ratify) and will have a significant negative long-term trade impact on the more western European nations who make the mistake to vote against it.

Opposition to the EU Constitution has been increasing in France, Denmark and the UK, three countries who paradoxically have been profiting from their EU membership. Such opposition is often led by rural and/or reactionary elements having little understanding for modern economic and political necessities.

Obviously, any EU country not adopting the EU Constitution will have a difficult time staying in the EU, since they will have to choose between abiding by EU law or not - and if not - they will soon be on their economic and political own to forge for themselves in an increasingly competitive world in which the larger united groups of nations hold most of the political and economic cards.

We would most certainly not want to be an isolate European country sitting on the outside of the EU in coming years. The law of the economies of scale is simply too strong.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

EU Food Supplement Directive Opined Invalid by Advocate General

An Advocate General of the European Court of Justice has issued an opinion that the EU Food Supplements Directive is invalid. As reported by in an article by Elitsa Vucheva, one of the EU Advocates General has opined that "an EU law restricting the sale of food supplements, including vitamins, is violating various guidelines and so is invalid."

Although the opinion of the Advocate General is not legally binding, the European Court of Justice, which will issue a final ruling by August on this matter, generally follows these opinions. For the procedure involved see "EU Court of Justice", 3rd column, at

This is an important opinion because the Food Supplements Directive is a classic case of overreaching in law-making. As noted in the EU Observer:

"Only vitamins and minerals on an approved list should be used in supplements, according to the Directive. It also imposes restrictions on vitamin doses.

Furthermore, health food manufacturers have until 12 July this year to submit detailed and complete dossiers to prove that their ingredients are safe."

The Directive if upheld would be a substantial financial burden on food supplement producers, who are often small companies unable to finance this kind of compliance. Additionally, the requirement that only vitamins and minerals on approved lists could be used would create monopoly situations totally out of phase with the reality of food supplement markets.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Marc Cardinal Ouellet - The Pope of Tomorrow ?

We present some more material on Marc Cardinal Ouellet, Archbishop of Quebec and Primate of the Catholic Church in Canada. We find that he presents views about the current world which need presenting by Christian religious leaders.

The Reawakening of Christians

"The dramatic situation of our society calls for a reawakening of Christians, and a great wind of hope, founded on He who carries not only values for the future, but carries the very future itself: “Though heaven and earth shall pass away, My words will stand.”

We live in a confused, depressive, and even suicidal society. Out of a hundred pregnancies, thirty-seven are interrupted by abortion. A society that barely gives life, and that gives death so easily, reveals that it is profoundly sick, that it no longer enjoys the beautiful adventure of life. Some sociologists warn us that the social fabric has deteriorated in an alarming way. A climate of inter-generational tension and a rise of violence accompany the breakup of the family, the dropping out of school, the epidemic of suicides that decimate the young generations."

His motto is "Ut unum sint" [that they all be one]

Biography here and here

Named New Cardinal

Cardinal Rating

On Values

An Interview

Christian Unity

Will Marc Cardinal Ouellet be the Next Pope?

Time has a Papal Succession Primer on the procedures involved in choosing a new pope. First, however, come the nine traditional days of mourning.

We are not Catholic but surely Pope John Paul II will go down in history as a great pope. May God bless his soul. If every human on Earth did his job as well as he did, the world would be a far better place.

Who will be the next Pope? What about Marc Cardinal Oullet.

The Church needs a strong man. We would choose Marc Cardinal Ouellet. He is young, energetic and and has a meteoric rise in the Church which manifests a special destiny.

But no one really knows who will be selected. The Cardinals Electors will make the decision.

Papal candidates are called "papabili" (capable of being Pope), see the
National Catholic Reporter

Although no one actually knows who will be the next Pope, take a look at this Cardinal "rating" page.

In our view, Christianity now needs a different kind of Pope than John Paul II, who revived the image of the Catholic Church and of Christianity in the world at a time when such a revival was essential. As the next step, what is required is a strong, perhaps even less personally popular Pope, whose determined and clear objective is to spread Christian morality in a world threatened by the forces of darkness.

Take a look at the linked page at the New Kingdom. It contains two articles. The first is about Cardinal Dionigi Tettamanzi as a possible successor to Pope John Paul II (we think Tettamanzi is too old). The second article entitled "Pakistan gone back to the Stone Age" is about the kind of barbarianism which has spread in the world under the cloak of religion and which must be stoppped at all costs, through military, economic and religious means.

This is the job to be done in the coming years, not only by political leaders but especially by Christian leaders.

As Pope, this requires a strong man of unshaking moral conviction and vision for the future. We would choose Marc Cardinal Ouellet.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Employment Week 2005

Employment Week 2005 is a website for the samely named "Employment Week", which is

"The 2005 Conference [April 12-14 in Brussels, which] will explore Europe's employment goals and will review the 'Lisbon strategy', with a focus on boosting EU GDP and creating additional jobs."

See the programme here.

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