Saturday, February 01, 2014

ECONOMIES and TEENAGERS: What are Teens Wearing and What are they Buying? Retailers Struggling to Obtain Young Customers -- What are the Reasons?

Elizabeth A. Harris has a seminal article at the New York Times Business Day titled Retailers Ask: Where Did Teenagers Go?

Harris discusses a number of reasons for the decreasing number of teenagers shopping at major retail stores.

Online purchases or buying at discount outlets may be obvious reasons.

But fashion priorities may also be shifting.

Moreover, the lack of discretionary funds among young people and the high rate of teenage unemployment surely also play a significant role.
How can the economy move forward if young people have no money to buy the products that they might want and could be buying? Is the buying power today increasingly in the hands of the elderly, who, except for health care, need less and less? How can economies run on that?

In fact, if you have a voice in running OUR WORLD anywhere, and it might just be your company or place of work, you might consider doing something within your powers about changing the status quo toward equalizing the current inequalities of income and wealth that pervade our planet.

It is far preferable in our view to have young people working for pay doing something -- even if it just picking litter off the streets -- rather than not working at all, having no money -- and we have to put up with the litter. We wonder if so-called "fiscal conservatives" understand that inexorable logic.

We think ultimately, that we all have to spread the wealth or suffer the unpredictable consequences of these minimizable economic inequalities.

Make sure you
read this one
to get a better picture of the "real" commercial retail world.

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