Sunday, July 21, 2013

Göbekli Köyü and the "Three" Gobeklis of Ancient Anatolia: Stars of the Constellation today known as Cancer, based on Analysis of a Google Earth Map of that Site

This posting (Göbekli Köyü I), as already indicated in a previous posting, complements our interpretation of the meaning of Göbekli Tepe as being ancient land survey by astronomy.

It will be followed by Göbekli Köyü II, Aşağı Göbekli and some related postings about ancient sites in Upper Mesopotamia that also fit into the astronomical land survey analysis.

Here we look more closely at two virtually unknown Göbekli locations named "Gobekli" (more correctly "Göbekli"), in the general environs of Sanliurfa, a city which was earlier named Urfa viz. "Ur" and according to legend was Biblical Patriarch Abraham's birthplace in Anatolia, which is today's Turkey. Both of these Göbekli locations appear to mark stars in what we today call the constellation of Cancer, though of course not identically.

To recapitulate:
  • We first found that there was a land survey of the ancient world made by astronomy, a survey suggesting that Göbekli Tepe might have marked the stars of Cancer at the Vernal Equinox in ca. 7400 B.C. This will become more clear in a subsequent posting, which includes "Upper Mesopotamia".

  • We then found that the megaliths of Göbekli Tepe marked stars of Cancer and some stars in its vicinity, e.g. toward Leo on the ecliptic

  • we then found that there are "three" Gobeklis in Sanliurfa, not just one

These 3 GOBEKLIS are:
  1. Göbekli Tepe, ca 35 kilometers distant from each of the other two
  2. Göbekli Köyü to the west of Şanliurfa (ancient Urfa), whereas Göbekli Tepe is to the northeast of Şanliurfa, ca. 35 kilometers distant from Göbekli Tepe and Aşağı Göbekli.
  3. Aşağı Göbekli which "Google Translate" renders as "down roundabout" but which seems to mean "lower Göbekli" and which is to the south of Şanliurfa, ca. 35 kilometers distant from Göbekli Tepe and Göbekli Köyü.
Obviously, if Göbekli Tepe marked Cancer, then these are the same two "lines" of Cancer that in today's astronomy are seen to run from delta Cancri (Asellus Australis) and the Beehive Cluster to alpha Cancri (Acubens) in one case and to beta Cancri (Altarf) in the other case.

The ca. 60° angle formed at Göbekli Tepe by the two lines running to Göbekli Köyü and Aşağı Göbekli appears to be virtually the same as the angle formed by the lines running from delta Cancri to alpha and beta Cancri.

At Sanliurfa, a line extended from Gobekli Tepe to Asagi Gobekli is of nearly equal length to a line extended to Gobekli Koyu. Stars on the same line to beta Cancri as we use today could have been used in prehistoric days, but the ancients may have used stars closer to delta Cancri for making measurements. Beta Cancri is somewhat more distant from delta Cancri than alpha Cancri.

That analysis appears to hold true, although we can not be sure. We have not been at the actual site, and can not know if the objects we suggest as potential prehistoric markings of stars are in fact ancient and not of modern provenance. For the record, here is what we see as possible:

Google Earth shows the following map image for Göbekli Köyü:

We have traced the darkest lines on that map to better identify the objects depicted. Here is that same map with the darkest lines traced.

The next posting shows the result in color, which permits better representation of what is being depicted.

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