Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Legal Threats Shut Down Science Fraud Whistleblower Site

Bill Frezza has the story at Forbes in A Barrage Of Legal Threats Shuts Down Whistleblower Site, Science Fraud, writing:
"Fraud, plagiarism, cherry-picked results, poor or non-existent controls, confirmation bias, opaque, missing, or unavailable data, and stonewalling when questioned have gone from being rare to being everyday occurrences."
Well, we have been writing for decades that mainstream science functions according to the same system as organized crime, and we are surely not far wrong. VERY effective system against outsiders.

"Science" is a big money business.

What is "true" as a matter of mainstream scientific doctrine is not determined by the best probative evidence, but rather by who holds the reigns of power, and that is determined by who has the money and holds the purse strings.

This reminds us of the work of Imre Lakatos. As we have written previously at LawPundit:
"Lakatos is known particularly for his idea that the "basic unit" of science is not scientific theory but rather the research program, which propagates itself through increased funding over competition and through growing content, i.e. increased publication, which is a direct result of the CONTROLLED peer review publication process."
There is of course no doubt that science will be more carefully scrutinized in the future as the digital era takes its course and as more and more people obtain access to information generally, including materials about how the world of science works, what it actually produces and who it benefits.

Remember that intellectual property law (patents, copyrights, trademarks) reminds us continuously that science and knowledge are businesses first.

Read these links ... and prepare to get out your wallet. QED.

Locked in the Ivory Tower: Why JSTOR Imprisons Academic Research, by Laura McKenna at The Atlantic

Or try The Hubris of Science: Defending the Scientific Process From Political Agendas

It might be an interesting article, who knows, but you have to pay to read it.

Well, there is nothing wrong with that. But mainstream scientists want to have it both ways. They want to set themselves off as a knowledge elite not subject to the normal vagaries of the world rat race, but cash in while they are at it, which shows you the actual nature of the game.

Money. Money. Money.

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