Saturday, December 08, 2012

Has Apple Invented ANYTHING of Note is a Legitimate Question while Apple Samsung Patent Wars Continue in Koh Court:

Paul Elias has the story at Boston Globe's in Judge aims to resolve Apple-Samsung legal dispute. Does Koh have a clue? We doubt it.

Tech-savvy people like LawPundit are very unhappy with the Apple firm's claims that Apple allegedly invented things that actually OTHER people invented, so make sure you see THIS YouTube video -- ESSENTIAL! The video is not from us.

Has Apple Really Ever Invented Anything?
YouTube video by razetheworld

See also:

Apple haven't invented anything
Jean-Louis Gassée at the Guardian

What did Apple invent? Nothing.

What Did Apple Really Invent? (9 pics) by Xaniel at

We were at Stanford Law School in Silicon Valley before the seven-headed hydra Apple company saw the light of day and we saw then the digital era in its evolutionary beginnings before many of the primary inventions and discoveries that led to the modern era of PCs, tablets, pads and smartphones were stolen and wrongfully "patented" as proprietary inventions by a host of companies trying to monopolize obvious modern technological progress and development for their selfish, greedy private benefit.

This nonsense will end only when the courts start to come down hard on a patent law system gone wildly astray.

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