Saturday, June 09, 2012

Legal in the EU? UEFA Continuous Onscreen Flash Inserts so Disturbing that We Will Watch no More UEFA Football on TV Until this Attempted Brainwash Practice is Stopped

The continuous onscreen "brainwashing" flash insert of what appears to be a UEFA "football flower?" or God only knows what during the game of Germany vs. Portugal in the European Championships was so disturbing to our watching the game that we stopped watching prior to the end of halftime and will watch no more UEFA soccer games until we learn that this TOTALLY IDIOTIC insertion has stopped.

We even question the EU legality of that kind of advertising.

Viewers know what they are watching and do not need UEFA to tell them by flash inserts every 30 seconds through brainwash flashes.

Such flash insertion of advertising totally destroys the football game atmosphere and puts moronic technical child's play ahead of the game of association foootball, i.e. soccer to those of you in America. This is the best way possible to lose online TV viewers.

Who came up with this ABSURD idea?

All the people responsible for implementing this idea should be thrown out of the UEFA, and that includes those running the organization presently.

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