Sunday, June 04, 2006

European Union Citizens Alert ! Sign the Online Petition for an EU Parliament Seat ONLY in Brussels

At the site ""
(the exact link is
citizens of European Member States
can now sign an online petition
that the European Parliament be located "only in Brussels".

Currently, the EU Parliament also is required by the EU founding treaties to meet periodically in Strasbourg, France, which has been ripping off the EU for years by charging the EU Parliament exorbitant rents in Strasbourg city.

Additionally, it costs the EU a completely unnecessary ca. €200 million extra per year to maintain the Strasbourg seat, which has no other purpose other than to cater to French vanity and send still more EU monies to a France already pocketing the lion's share of agricultural subsidies and yet still rejecting the EU Constitution. Turncoats need not be rewarded.

The argument that the Strasbourg Parliament seat is a "symbol" of the normalization of French-German relations is a total myth. If that were true, this Parliament seat would be better placed at Ehrenbreitstein in Germany, and not in Strasbourg, which is a beautiful largely German-built city now populated mostly by Frenchmen. It is a Roman-founded city originally German, first forcibly occupied in modern times by the French troops of Louis XIV in the year 1681. What "symbolic value" such a stolen city is supposed to have to an "honest" European Union is a mystery to this observer.

As reported on 1 June 2006 by Mark Beunderman at in Commissioner Wallstrom backs anti-Strasbourg seat campaign:

"EU communications commissioner Margot Wallstrom has supported calls for an end to the European Parliament's second seat in Strasbourg.

Ms Wallstrom, who is at the forefront of the European commission's efforts to reconnect to the European public, runs a weblog which she used last week to speak out against the parliament's Strasbourg seat.

"It ought to be the European Parliament who decides where they should meet! One can understand and respect the historical background for choosing Strasbourg as the location for the European Parliament – but today the practical problems – and costs! – connected with having two sites is overshadowing the symbolic value of it," she wrote. "

If you are a European Union citizen who thinks that the EU is spending your money unwisely in a host of places, Strasbourg is the place to start drawing the line. Sign the petition that the EU Parliament only meet in Brussels and have the EU put these €200 million to better use than to line the pockets of rent-mongers.

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