Thursday, April 27, 2006

France, Wrong Again, Wants to Reduce EU National Veto

It is rather remarkable that in the past several years, France has been on the wrong side of decisions in almost every important international and EU question. That is quite an embarrassing record of ineffectuality. And the beat goes on ....

As the photo caption to an April 26, 2006 article declares, "Paris' EU blueprint reflects internal French politics" ... and we might add, nothing more.

Mark Beunderman writes in the article to the captioned photo that Paris now seeks reduction of the EU national veto. As Beunderman writes:

"The French government has tabled fresh proposals to break the EU's constitutional deadlock, pleading for an end to national vetoes in justice and police cooperation and workers' protection rules."

In other words, France, currently guided in its politics by a "shark" mentality, is not only NOT living up to its own responsibilities in the EU regarding the EU Constitution and other matters, but is in fact trying to take more and more power away from the other EU Member States.

What is quite clear from European politics of the last several years is that France has no interest in the well-being of the European Union but is only interested in its own welfare and in its own aggrandizement of power.

It is time for the rest of the EU Member States to begin to remove EU institutions from France and French-speaking countries and to begin to work more for the good of the EU rather than to be constantly involved with selfish French EU demands which interest only France.

The EU does not need France and would be better off without the French who are the greatest impediment to the forward progress of the EU and to the desperately needed reform of the EU's faulty "government by Commission" system, which is very "French" in nature but which is quite foreign to other nations.

It is the elected EU Parliament which should have the power of legislation, and not a Commission made up of insular civil servants who are not answerable to any constituents and whose actions manifest that fact.

If the EU does not remove the French lock on EU institutions and practices, there is no question that the EU will not survive the next 10 years, as the CIA has predicted it would not. Indeed, we ourselves have already gone from being strong EU proponents to becoming near eurosceptics because of the flawed French EU influence and because of our recognition that the current EU government "by EU Commission" is simply contrary to Western ideas of democracy and the way that people should governed.

We would definitely shift law-making power to the EU Parliament and reduce the EU Commission to being an arm of Parliament, serving the Parliament's legislative functions. The current situation of "government by Commission" is impossible over the long term.

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