Monday, May 23, 2005

What Ails Germany? An Incompetent Leadership

John Fund has a May 23, 2005 article about the devastating defeat of the ruling German red-green coalition in North Rhine-Westphalia in Sunday's election. Its title is poignantly "Anti-Americanism reaches its limit in Germany." As one who lives here, it is indeed time that the Germans stop blaming others for their problems and look to the fact that they are themselves reponsible for their own recent economic demise.

Everyone should read this article to understand the depth of Germany's problems, given the demonstrated and remarkable incompetence of the people currently in political power in Germany, such as Social Democratic Party chairman, Franz Muntefering, a former industrial clerk, who recently took to attacking capitalism in an ignorant, despicable manner, appropriately described by Jack Ewing in Frankfurt with Rachel Tiplady in Paris as "Germany: Looking For Scapegoats".

Fully more than 1/3 of German national economic output consists of exports and few nations rely so heavily on "capitalism" for their economic well-being as Germany does. Indeed, one could view Germany as the "founder" of modern international economic globalization through their introduction of the Hanseatic League so many years go.

The kinds of comments that Muntefering and his cronies from the Socialist (SPD) and Green parties have been issuing are scarcely suitable for political leaders of one of the world's leading industrial and capitalist nations, but that is Germany's problem.

Germany is bogged down by incredible economic and business incompetence at the political top, which stinks all the way down the political ladder. We hope that the elections in North Rhine-Westphalia finally help to sink the disastrous Red-Green coalition, about which we constantly ask: What is better in Germany since Schroeder and the Red(Socialist)-Green coalition came to power? The answer is - NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING.

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