Monday, February 21, 2005

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Margot Wallström
Margot Wallström is the Vice-President of the European Commission, the executive body of the EU. She is thus the highest-ranking member of the EU who blogs.

Margot writes:
"I was appointed Commissioner for Institutional Relations and Communication in August 2004. President Barroso created this post in order to improve the way we communicate 'Europe' to citizens. For the last five years I served as Environment Commissioner in the Prodi Commission.
'We politicians are accountable to 450 million Europeans and you expect us to work together, to be effective, to communicate with you and to give you a voice. We can never be allowed to forget that. That is what gives me my political motivation.' "

We are particularly enamored of her blog posting "Kyoto Protocol, climate change and air passenger rights" which covers the very same issues which we also have found to be the most important ones for EU posting in recent days.

Martin Stabe
Martin has a great posting on February 21, 2005 which we quote here in entirety:

"An American view on Euroscepticism
Essential reading from Mark A.R.
Kleiman on Europe:
'I have no trouble understanding the feelings of British Euroskeptics; the British political sytem works pretty well, and the EU still hasn't figured out a way of making its institutions responsive to voters. I seem to recall reading that it took people in this country a long time to identify as Americans, rather than, say, Virginians, and of course national identities in Europe are far older and stronger than those of the individual colonies ever were. So the opponents of the new European Constitution at least have a plausible case to make. (The Americans who hate the EU, who are mostly the same people as hate the UN, are a different matter: they seem to be terrified at the thought of there being any powerful institution in the world that Karl Rove and Rupert Murdoch can’t dominate or intimidate.)
But it never helps the credibility of one’s case to ignore the obviously powerful arguments on the other side. The EU makes intra-European war unthinkable; it makes the establishment of tyranny in any European country impossible; and (despite its current economic troubles) it has spread prosperity to its poorer members.
Creating a zone of peace, freedom, and prosperity embracing 450 million people won't be a small accomplishment, and there seems little reason to doubt that the EU can pull it off. So if you want to argue that giving up sovereignty is too big a price to pay, be my guest; but don't pretend that price would be paid for nothing.'
Yup. That pretty much sums it up."

Martin, we agree. Well done Mark A. Kleiman, who we are adding to our blogroll for this "reality" posting.
See also Martin's British Blogs a Waste of Time?

Matt T
A recent posting refers to a poll on the EU Referendum in the UK.

Try this one, London vs Paris. It is a bit crude for my tastes, which means most people will probably like it.

Mischievous Constructions
Prince Henry and the Vikings? See here for more.

near near future
A Belgian from Italy with a future of technology and design blog.

Non Tibi Spiro
Here's one on Dutch citizenship courses.

North Sea Diaries
A wonderful piece of politically satirical fictional writing is this blog posting entitled "When Brussels discovered blogging".

Novalas Europa
A Slovenian blog with links to other Slovenian blogs. Recall, Slovenia is now a Member State of the EU.
These are the linked Slovenian blogs in English (excluding those we found not to be active):
Glory of Carniola
2 Much Beauty
Matevz Gacnik's Weblog
My So-Called Blog
Peter's Blog - A little bit of ...
Nelit's blog
My little [disturbed] world
JLP's Blog

Posted that there had been 25 million Firefox downloads in 99 days and linked to a Firefox link - but this was not working (?). We like IE and we have tried the Firefox browser but are sceptical. See Blogs for Firefox which seems to think that the coming of IE7 is the end of Firefox citing to CNet's Molly Wood and "IE7 : so much for Firefox", who writes: "What he didn't say, but you know he was thinking it, is that IE 7 will easily put a stop to this upstart browser rebellion.Don't believe me? You should. Firefox is great, I use it. But it's a chore sometimes, what with most sites using that pesky nonstandard IE code. Not everything renders properly, and some sites just plain don't work--I have to load up IE to use them. Plus, let's be honest--Firefox has its flaws. Why is there no way to check for updates from within the browser, for one thing? Why does it take so doggone long to launch? Why, why must it crash every single time I open a PDF? I mean, every single time. Opera, fine, whatever, I'm not paying for a browser, and for some reason, although I've tried it several times, it's just never captured me. It's too clunky, and I was raised on IE. I don't want to learn something completely new. IE, on the other hand, is like the sweeping tide--it's just easier not to fight it."
napsy's web log
A little blog for a restless mind
Slovenia Bulletin
Mitja Iskrić
no pasaran
Andrej Tozon's blog
The Realms of Katsumi

Take a look at this photograph. Phenomenal. There is a link to 5 interactive body games at BBC and something on puberty. Looks like a good info page for young EUropeans.
Off the wall

Test your intelligence - the smarter you are, the more problem you may have with this puzzle. Figure out how many Petals are Around the Rose. It's easy, once you figure it out. The hint is to "think like a child". There is a lesson here for the intellectuals.

"My blog won first prize in the “personal websites” category of the first slovenian web awards. Check out their page [Izidor]."
this could be blog ... by IBMer Blog
Rumko and his thought

Dejan Sarka (your are here)

Very humorous motto: "the blog where few have gone before"

Oliver Thylmann's Blog
Good material on blogging and technology in Germany.

Ostracised from Österreich
"a voice from Vienna on life, politics, the universe"

A French language blog with an interesting feed which we are going to take a closer look at for our own websites.

"Everything that bored you to death in high school"

"Companion weblog to journalist network. "

Petite Anglaise
Monica, an American in London

"...Views from mid-Atlantic"

"actualités, commentaires et analyses sur la constitution européenne"
The results in Spain are: Oui : 76,73% des voix (10 804 464 voix) Non : 17,24% (2 428 409 voix). Massive.

A Brit in Portugal.

"A blog for people with a critically rational individualist perspective. "

This is a very popular blog in German language.

Scotty Mac
Try this one, which is of great interest to us because of our work on the history of civilization: "There is evidence, somewhere out there, that speakers of Scots Gaelic and Irish understood speakers of Berber as late as the mid-19th century. This astounding assertion supports a thesis proposed by a Connemara fellow named Bob Quinn that the Irish people contain as much North African stock as European. "

Site-9 Weblog
Bjoern Ognibeni's weblog in English.

Sixth International
"revolutionary agitprop from a running-dog lackey of the bourgeoisie"

Slugger O'Toole
"Notes on Northern Ireland politics and culture"

Spy Blog
A UK-based blog, "Watching Them, Watching Us"

Stefan Geens
A Belgian in Sweden.

Stephen Pollard
Why Believe in Europe? See here.

Straight Banana
The EU Referendum in the UK a question of wording??

A blog from Vasco Sommer-Nunes. Blog motto: "Mostly sunny new media with occasional strong athletic upwinds and heavy trivialism from the heart of old Europe. No clouds."

Tales from the Geekside
A popular blog in German language.

10000 Year Blog
"Webjots by David Mattison that tickled my fancy from June 02003 (and maybe deeper into the past) until today, whenever that is …. this blog’s title is inspired by Gregory Benford’s book Deep Time (01999) and the work of the Long Now Foundation."

thinking with my fingers
is the journal of Torill Mortensen, Volda, Norway, an associate professor at Volda College.

Transatlantic Assembly
"Blog of American and European lawyers and academics on legal issues and current affairs in the realm of international law, transnational law, EU law, and our respective worlds of domestic law. "

Transatlantic Intelligencer
"The focus of the Transatlantic Intelligencer is European politics and the, increasingly "conflicted", relationship of Europe - or, more precisely, the leading continental European powers, France and Germany - with the United States. A principal purpose of Trans-Int will be to "overcome the language gap" - or at least some of the language gaps - preventing Americans and other English-speakers from forming an accurate assessment of European political realities. Since, however, there are also multiple "language gaps" within Europe, I hope too that Trans-Int will be of interest to European readers."

This is a very readable blog by a translator of legal texts in German and English and bound to be of interest to all persons interested in languages.

UK Future
A group blog by James Andrew Malcolm, John Richardson and Jon Edwards. Very young bloggers who represent, as their title says, "the future". See their posting on "The power of the blog", referring to a discussion of blogs in a U.S. court, about which LawPundit has posted here.

UK Polling Report
includes a poll on the EU referendum in the UK leading to a result of 36% aye, 29% nay, and 30% who will not vote. We presume the other 5% are undecided.

This is a beautifully designed community EUROBLOG started by members of MetaFilter.

What You Can Get Away With
Nick Barlow links to a recent A Fistful of Euros posting about the May upcoming UK elections embellished with the titled tenor "Sometimes it’s who you don’t vote for that counts"

Wired Temples
"A GLOBAL WINDOW FOR MALTESE CULTURE, SOCIETY, PEOPLE, HISTORY, BLOGS, NEWS..." by Robert Micallef, Malta, Economist; Editor/Analyst; University lecturer.

Yes: BLOGs
Yes to the European Constitution by the European Movement International (EMI) and JEF-Europe.

Late additions to the blog lists:

Der Denkpass
Great link to Kalenderberechnungen (only in German).
Here is a map of the world's atomic powers.
The blog contains a list of some German blogs (in German unless otherwise noted):
Artikel 20 Blog
Bittner on Terrorism
Daniela M!
Daniel van Moll
Dialog International (en)
Herr Braun online
Michaels Weblog
Plastic Thinking
Röhrender Hirsch
Try this link from that blog about the benefits of the European Union.
Has a link to Law-Blog, which also has links to German law blogs, e.g. Simon's Blawg (in part in English)
tommys .blog
Unqualified Offerings (en)

East Ethnia
A blog by Eric Gordy, a Balkanophile and Associate Professor of Sociology, Clark University

Felix Brauns Weblog
Felix writes: "Ever wondered what information would be like in 2014 and how we get there? No? Anyway, this is worth viewing."

Heart of Europe
Nicholas Whyte has already visited 37 of the world's countries. He apparently blogs from Northern Ireland.

Histologion Europe
A blog from Greece, which has e.g. a link to the world press photo awards.

Ingmar Bornholz
Blogging and Technology.

Map of EU Blogs
A map of Europe with news sources and blogs integrated. A very interesting idea.

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