Saturday, February 19, 2005

EU Pundit Blogrolled Blogs Blogged F to L

Before we get to F, here's a great new blog we added added under "C"
Chocolate & Zucchini
A wonderful blog out of Paris on food and cooking.

Finland for Thought
This blog has a list of Finnish blogs in English, of which we list a few below
Antti Vilpponen - Daily posts

Rye Beer - Personal and political commentary
“Wh1t39abb1+” Blog - Hacking in Finland

Flanders & Wallonie
This is a link to a list of Belgian Blogs at

Flip Flop Flyin'
Craig Robinson makes "minipops". Take a look at them. He blogs out of Berlin and has his own guide to Berlin.

Frans Groenendijk
by his description, is an "independent Dutch politician" who is "idealistic but not naive, realistic but not cynical". The motto of his Dutch blog is: "For every complex problem there is a simple solution... and it is wrong".

The Fundamental Principles of the European Constitution
This somewhat lengthily named blog is a group effort relating to the European Constitution which we have included on our blogroll as EU Const. Fundamentals.

Giornale Nuovo
This is a very unusual artsy-craftsy blog by a blogger on the Baltic coast of southern Sweden.

The blog motto is: " guy, bobbling about in a subconscious sea of cultural absurdity".

Johan Norberg's blog is quite popular in Sweden. His motto is "Liberalism-Capitalism-Globalisation". A recent posting points to some of the "real" problems surfacing in the "new Europe": see here for some labor problems between Sweden and Latvia, where the Latvian foreign minister Artis Pabriks is quoted with an argument that hits the essence of the issue right on the head in his statement that: "I understand that trade unions in Sweden have a lot of power. But if they are so anxious about the Latvian workers in Vaxholm – who are not anxious themselves – why are they not anxious about the Latvian workers in Swedish companies in Latvia, who earn less than those in Vaxholm?"

In other words, the richer countries of the EU all cry foul when cheaper labor is brought to their own doorstep from the newer EU countries, but find it perfectly OK if their companies employ that same cheaper labor in those other countries to make greater profits for themselves. It is a regrettable double standard of which the peoples of the EU should be made aware. You can not have it both ways.

Glory of Carniola
is by its own statement "An online guide to Slovenia and beyond".

Halfway Down The Danube
started on the Danube at Belgrade and now blogs out of Bucharest. Their motto is "Our exciting life in the Balkans".

Heiko Hebig
Heiko links to pictures of Tiger Woods practicing off the heli-deck of the only seven-star hotel in the world, Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai, UAE. You have to see this! but you don't want any strong gusts of wind up there.

Zed writes, e.g.: "I just want to state for the record that Rice in France went very well. She continues to surpass my pessimistic expectations."

Axel Horns is a German patent attorney who blogs on intellectual property law, a particularly interesting and important subject in the EU. He has detailed postings on the status of the proposed directive on software patents.

Jules Maaten
is a Dutch member of the European Parliament who blogs regularly in the Dutch language. If you are curious as to what he is writing you can get some Dutch to English translations at Babelfish at Alta Vista.

LawPundit is the other main blog of the EU Pundit which concentrates more on legal and other current issues on the other side of the Atlantic, although there is some cross-posting.

One post we liked was this one on time management.

Lenz Blog
This is a blog by Dr. Karl-Friedrich Lenz, who is a Professor at Aoyama Gakuin University in Tokyo, Japan.
This blog is probably unique on the world blog scene in that it is published in English, German and Japanese versions. Lenz writes on law and IP, e.g. as a sample: "Axel H. Horns discusses the fact that introducing software patents in Europe would harm the European software industry by requiring them to pay large royalties to American patent holders." Check it out. It is an interesting issue.

Live from Brussels
Just what it says. "Musings from a dad working from home".

Löic Le Meur
Blog Motto: "Traditional media send messages, blogs start discussions". Löic has a list of people who just attended the Berlin EuropaBlog on February 10, 2005, from which LIST OF GERMAN BLOGS we have selected some of the blogs which are either fully or partially in English or are popular in Germany:
Heiko Hebig, Six Apart
Clemens Lerche,
Jörg Kantel, Der Schockwellenreiter (Berlin)
Vasco Sommer-Nunes,
Joerg Feuerhake, - Feuerhake's Log (Berlin)
Björn Ognibeni, Site-9,
Ingmar Bornholz, Köln
Oliver Thylmann, Köln
Martin Röll, Dresden
Felix Braun, Hamburg

Lose the Delusion
The blog motto is: "Proudly battling Euroscepticisim".

Lou Minatti
Lou Minatti blogs out of Houston, Texas and has some definite views of Europe and the world. He points out, for example, that many more Europeans still immigrate to the USA than vice versa and asks why is that? His blog motto is: "Home to .000000001% of the blogosphere!" Hat tip for finding this blog to INBB.

Lyssas Lounge
This is a popular personal blog in German language by a young lady.

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