Friday, February 18, 2005

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We continue here with our list of blogrolled blogs.

Capperi! is an Italian language blog with the motto "E' la libertà, bellezza!" which means something like "Oh' freedom, the beauty!" As everyone knows, you can not put Italian adequately into another language.

Clive Davis
The motto of this blog is "Politics and culture from both sides of the Atlantic...........Clive Davis writes for The Times & The Washington Times". Obviously, this man can write...well. Here is a sample: "You can be rude about Camilla or Mandela, you can make fun of the Pope. But saying that the Kyoto Treaty has major flaws is definitely beyond the pale. "

Crooked Timber
The motto of this group blog is that "Out of the Crooked Timber of humanity no straight thing was ever made", a philosophical observation of Immanuel Kant transliterated by Sir Isaiah Berlin, who wrote a book using this title as The Crooked Timber of Humanity. The members of this blog are:
Ted Barlow Chris Bertram Harry Brighouse Daniel Davies Henry Farrell Maria Farrell Eszter Hargittai Kieran Healy John Holbo Jon Mandle Montagu Norman John Quiggin Tom Runnacles Micah Schwartzman Belle Waring and Brian Weatherson, who come from...well, everywhere, including Europe.

Daily Czech
Petr Bokuvka blogs from Bratislava, Slovakia where he is a reporter and host of a radio program called Slovakia Today at Radio Slovakia International. He writes: "Bush and Putin will meet in Bratislava next Wednesday. It is almost for sure that Dubya should give a speech in downtown Bratislava on Thursday. I will be covering the event."

Davids Medienkritik
This blog by David Kaspar and Ray D. carries the motto "politically incorrect observations on reporting in the German media" and is a strong critic of mainstream media (MSM) in Germany, an attitude well represented by this Cox & Forkum illustration, "Pajamas at the Gate", cited two days ago as "The MSM Castle" at Davids Medienkritik:

Source and Copyright: Cox & Forkum


Mainstream Media is asking "Bloggers again? What do they want this time?" and answering "The Usual". The bloggers are at MSM Castle demonstrating for "facts, truth and objectivity".

Davos Newbies
Lance Knobel writes "a year-round Davos of the mind" from London and writes: "This is a website written by Lance Knobel, who was responsible for the programme of the Davos meeting in January 2000. This site started about a month before the 2000 meeting but has changed considerably since those early days.
What is Davos?
Davos is both a town in Switzerland and the shorthand description for the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum [see their blog here], which has now taken place in Davos for 30 years. The Annual Meeting has been described by The Economist as "the summit of summits in the business world". I think Davos is also a state of mind.

Different Day
Justin writes from Brussels about "Thoughts on culture, past, present and future ".

Emmanuelle Richard Welch is a French journalist who writes this popular blog in French and the entries are always accompanied, paragraph for paragraph within the blog itself, with an English translation.

The subtitle of this Celtic-named French language blog is "Journal d'un avocat" (Journal of an Attorney).

EU Constitution
The actual title of this blog - too long to cite on the blogroll - is Demystifying the EU Constitution, carrying the motto "Towards the United States of Europe, an impasse or the twilight zone? I wonder... Comments appreciated!" The blog owner Thibault Masson writes in his profile: "French guy living in the USA who wants to know more about the EU Constitution by exploring the net and sharing his findings".

EU Law Web log
This is "A blog on European Union law for practitioners, students, academics and everyone else who may be curious about it" by Professor Francesca E. Bignami who teaches EU law, administrative law, and comparative public law at Duke University Law School in the USA. For example, she has a recent posting reporting that "The European Parliament has published the 16th edition of its Rules of Procedure here ."

EU Pundit
The motto of EU Pundit is "Blogging for a better Europe." EU Pundit strives for depth in its postings, often more than is normally found either in blogs or in journalistic articles. Regardless of the topic under discussion, much time is spent to locate and link to original sources so that selected comprehensive blog postings at EU Pundit can serve as stand-alone resources down the road for later internet researchers. EU Pundit is pro Europe, pro EU and pro EU Constitution. A United States of Europe, as Winston Churchill called it in 1946, is an absolute must if Europe is to hold its own in our increasingly overpopulated world. EU Pundit reports positively on developments which are found to be good for Europe. People and institutions which are found to be inimical to European interests will be treated negatively, as they deserve.

This is a contra EU Constitution blog by Ken Adams, who in recent posts has also commented on Straws Myths. He writes e.g.: "Gerard Baker argues in the Times that the British Government’s attempt to persuade the US that the EU Constitution would aid its foreign policy goals is “a combination of naivety and misplaced confidence about its ability to control things European… The real leaders of the EU – in Paris, Berlin and Brussels, are quite clear about where they want this newly united Europe to go, and it is not in London’s direction, still less Washington’s.”"

EU Referendum
The purpose of this blog by Helen Szamuely and Richard North is "To discuss issues arising in relation to the UK referendum on the constitutional treaty". They are contra the EU Constitution. They write e.g. "The Times today comes up with an interesting observation – that the EU constitution is being "sold" in different ways in different countries, almost as if in each member state it is a different document. "

Euroblog blogs out of Brussels.

«#Euro Blogs?»
Euro Blogs is a blog ring at RingSurf.

European Democracy
The full title of this blog is Reflections on European Democracy. The "eulogist" writes on the issue of the ratification of the EU Constitution: "But is it correct to ask the question like this? Put in this way, it is clear what happens if a majority votes ‘yes’. But is it equally clear what it means to vote ‘no’?"

European History
This is the site on European history by Robert Wilde.

European Weblog Review
To quote this blog: "The European Weblog Review endeavors to examine the best of the English-speaking blogosphere on the European Continent. Our objective is to provide a balanced and comprehensive look at new and thought-provoking content from the blogging community in Europe."

This blog consists of "The musings of a non-partisan one-time Eurosceptic turned pro-European and his far better-informed friends".

David Weman also posts over at A Fistful of Euros.

This is a group blog including the following pundits:
John Chappell - Iberian Notes
Ian Dodge
Jesus Gil
Eamonn Fitzgerald - Rainy Day
Nelson Ascher - Sasha Castel
Most posting is done by Nelson Ascher, e.g. "The sad truth is: though the press and the media are still free in much of Europe, they’re not independent anymore. The kind of criticism one reads in the NYT or the WaPo against the US government is almost impossible to find in Europe against any government, except, obviously, the American one. "

We find excellent writing at this blog and some interesting opinions, e.g. "Condoleezza Rice, the US secretary of state, is enjoying a honeymoon period with all but the most unpleasant of the European papers. Her mild support of the EU constitution - "it is a good development" - might have carried some weight if it was more widely reported."

Euro Serfdom
The full title of this blog is "The Road to Euro Serfdom". This British blogger is obviously not pro EU.

Expat Bloggers
This is a list of Expat bloggers by Ministry of Propaganda.

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