Thursday, May 06, 2010

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the EU and Selected World Countries per capita in U.S. Dollars at Current Prices 2009 - Source: IMF Chart Generator | Denmark Leads the Normal World in Income Equality and Happiness

We put together the following chart for internal use recently and pass it on as a potentially useful piece of information in assessing the world economic and political situation.

It is singularly remarkable that the country with the highest GDP for a "normal economy", i.e. not one based on oil or banking, is Denmark -- and that is also the country with the greatest equality of income in its population according to the Gini coefficient. The result? The Danes are also the world's happiest people.

Maybe the rest of the world has the wrong formula?

It also appears to us that the conflict in the world today is economic and not religious, based on these figures, which show a clear division of the world between the "haves" and the "have nots".

A Selected List of The GDP in US Dollars of
EU Euro-Zone and non-Euro-Zone Countries 2009

(+ EFTA and some non-European countries added for comparison)
Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita U.S. $$ at current prices
Source: IMF Chart Generator, as selected and reordered by LawPundit
(some columns have been deleted, some labels have been shortened

and the numbers have been rounded -- go to the IMF Chart Generator
or to this page at Wikipedia if you want original or more inclusive data)

       Shaded cells indicate IMF staff estimates
Country (State)

Subject Descriptor
(GDP per capita 2009,
current prices)
U.S. $$
Luxembourg - EU
(world's #1 - via banking),

Liechtenstein, not ranked by the
IMF, surely has a higher GDP
GDP per capita104,512
Norway - EFTA, EEA (oil)GDP per capita79,085
Qatar (oil)GDP per capita68,872
Switzerland - EFTA
(via banking)
GDP per capita67,560
Denmark - EU (world's
best income distribution &
world's happiest people)
GDP per capita56,115
Ireland - EUGDP per capita51,356
Netherlands - EUGDP per capita48,223
United Arab Emirates (oil)GDP per capita46,857
United StatesGDP per capita46,381
Austria - EUGDP per capita45,989
AustraliaGDP per capita45,587
Finland - EUGDP per capita44,492
Sweden - EUGDP per capita43,986
Belgium - EUGDP per capita43,533
France - EUGDP per capita42,747
Germany - EUGDP per capita40,875
JapanGDP per capita39,731
CanadaGDP per capita39,669
Iceland - EFTA, EEAGDP per capita37,977
SingaporeGDP per capita37,293
Italy - EUGDP per capita35,435
United Kingdom - EUGDP per capita35,334
Spain - EUGDP per capita31,946
Hong Kong SARGDP per capita29,826
Greece - EUGDP per capita29,635
Cyprus - EUGDP per capita29,620
Slovenia - EUGDP per capita24,417
New ZealandGDP per capita27,259
IsraelGDP per capita26,797
Brunei DarussalamGDP per capita26,325
The BahamasGDP per capita21,529
Portugal - EUGDP per capita21,408
Malta - EUGDP per capita19,111
Czech Republic - EUGDP per capita18,557
South KoreaGDP per capita17,074
TaiwanGDP per capita16,392
Slovak Republic - EUGDP per capita16,282
Saudi ArabiaGDP per capita14,486
Estonia - EUGDP per capita14,267
CroatiaGDP per capita14,243
Hungary - EUGDP per capita12,927
Latvia - EUGDP per capita11,607
Poland - EUGDP per capita11,288
Lithuania - EUGDP per capita11,172
TurkeyGDP per capita8,723
RussiaGDP per capita8,694
BrazilGDP per capita8,220
MexicoGDP per capita8,135
Romania - EUGDP per capita7,542
MalaysiaGDP per capita6,897
Bulgaria - EUGDP per capita6,223
South AfricaGDP per capita5,824
SerbiaGDP per capita5,809
Former Yugoslav
Republic of
GDP per capita4,482
IranGDP per capita4,460
Bosnia and
GDP per capita4,279
ThailandGDP per capita3,940
AlbaniaGDP per capita3,825
ChinaGDP per capita3,678
SyriaGDP per capita2,579
EgyptGDP per capita2,450
IndonesiaGDP per capita2,329
IraqGDP per capita2,108
PhilippinesGDP per capita1,746
VietnamGDP per capita1,060
IndiaGDP per capita1,031
PakistanGDP per capita1,017
BangladeshGDP per capita574
AfghanistanGDP per capita486

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