Monday, April 04, 2005

Will Marc Cardinal Ouellet be the Next Pope?

Time has a Papal Succession Primer on the procedures involved in choosing a new pope. First, however, come the nine traditional days of mourning.

We are not Catholic but surely Pope John Paul II will go down in history as a great pope. May God bless his soul. If every human on Earth did his job as well as he did, the world would be a far better place.

Who will be the next Pope? What about Marc Cardinal Oullet.

The Church needs a strong man. We would choose Marc Cardinal Ouellet. He is young, energetic and and has a meteoric rise in the Church which manifests a special destiny.

But no one really knows who will be selected. The Cardinals Electors will make the decision.

Papal candidates are called "papabili" (capable of being Pope), see the
National Catholic Reporter

Although no one actually knows who will be the next Pope, take a look at this Cardinal "rating" page.

In our view, Christianity now needs a different kind of Pope than John Paul II, who revived the image of the Catholic Church and of Christianity in the world at a time when such a revival was essential. As the next step, what is required is a strong, perhaps even less personally popular Pope, whose determined and clear objective is to spread Christian morality in a world threatened by the forces of darkness.

Take a look at the linked page at the New Kingdom. It contains two articles. The first is about Cardinal Dionigi Tettamanzi as a possible successor to Pope John Paul II (we think Tettamanzi is too old). The second article entitled "Pakistan gone back to the Stone Age" is about the kind of barbarianism which has spread in the world under the cloak of religion and which must be stoppped at all costs, through military, economic and religious means.

This is the job to be done in the coming years, not only by political leaders but especially by Christian leaders.

As Pope, this requires a strong man of unshaking moral conviction and vision for the future. We would choose Marc Cardinal Ouellet.

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