Tuesday, February 22, 2005

EU to Train Iraqi Police and Judges

Apparently the bulk of the EU is getting ready to enter the world of reality in international politics again.

Via JurisPundit
to Eric Pfeiffer's Beltway Buzz on National Review Online
we read that "EU Agrees To Train Iraqi Forces".

Pfeiffer writes:

"[O]n the eve of President Bush's summit with European leaders, the EU has agreed to train high-level Iraqi police officers and judges....

Little doubt, most if not all of our European friends are getting on the Iraq bandwagon because it is now convenient to due so. No free country wants to be aligned on the wrong side of history. However, I believe the leaders of these countries do deserve a modicum of respect. After all, it may be historically expedient for them to compromise with the coalition, but they still must do so in the face of their voting populations who to this day would act otherwise."

Pfeifer refers to a Reuters article, "EU Offers Training for Iraqi Police, Judges", by Mark John from Brussels, which states that:

"EU foreign ministers meeting in Brussels approved a plan to train 770 senior Iraqi police officers and judges in the EU and in countries near Iraq. The mission, due to start mid-2005, could be extended to Iraq if security allowed....

The EU communique hailed the Jan. 30 elections in Iraq as a step forward for democracy in the country and noted the EU had already agreed aid totaling over half a billion euros ($650 million) to Iraq....

'The (EU) Council reaffirms its goal of an Iraq which is secure, stable, unified, prosperous, democratic, respecting of human rights and ready to cooperate constructively with its neighbors and the international community,' it said.

The EU also declared itself ready to support the political process in Iraq, notably by helping in the drafting of a new constitution if invited, and to explore broadening commercial ties with the country."

Not only have the democratic elections in Iraq been successful, but so also those in Palestine. Similarly, after the recent terrorist bombing in Lebanon, surely sponsored by Syria, Syria has apparently been given the "or else signal", and has agreed to pull its forces from Lebanon. Iran and North Korea will be next in line as countries to be pressured to return to the civilized family of nations. The USA is winning on all fronts. President Bush and his administration have been right all along, and a good share of the European Union has been wrong, across the board. Especially Germany has failed miserably, and seems to have the knack over the last hundred years for invariably aligning itself on the losing side of international conflicts, although this is currently a direct fault of the hapless Schroeder administration.

It is an old time tested rule which many people and politicians in Europe still resist accepting, but there is only one policy which all the world understands, and that is the policy of strength. Without that policy, civilization would be lost.

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