Friday, February 18, 2005

EU Pundit Blogrolled Blogs Blogged A to B

As a regular feature of EU Pundit, we will blog our blogrolled blogs. This is essential to retain the communicative nature of blogging, where there must be an interchange of thoughts and ideas with the public, with journalists, and with bloggers. Indeed, we ask our readers to suggest appropriate new European blogs or EU links to us in the comments section. Please provide at least one reason for any suggestion you make. Either the weblog should be EU-related or it should be marked by some special feature. We make no promises to include suggested blogs in our blogroll, but we will look at all blogs suggested.

Here is our current blogroll with a short comment as to why we selected each blog for inclusion on EU Pundit. This blogroll as well as our opinion on any blog is of course subject to change at any time without notice.

A Day in Paris
It must be something about Paris and the French that makes France the fashion capital of the world. This blog is surely among the most beautifully designed of all the European blogs, written by an American expat inspired by Paris. Check out
her posting - here on Les Années Folles, "the famous Americans in Paris and the famous French in the United States during the Crazy Years (roughly 1919-1929)-- over croissant and café."

A Fistful of Euros
This blog is produced by a group which now numbers more than a fistful and which is surely the best-known European blog. Members of A Fistful of Euros and their individual blogs (if found accessible) are:
Nick Barlow: What You Can Get Away With
Iain J Coleman
Edward Hugh
Scott MacMillan: Scotty Mac
Scott Martens: Pedantry
Doug Merrill
Claudia Muir: Halfway Down The Danube
Douglas Muir: Halfway Down The Danube
Tobias Schwarz
Jurjen Smies: No Cameras
Mrs Tilton: The 6th International
Matthew Turner: Matt T
David Weman: Europundit
Take a look there, for example, at
It's all in the question, which we are sure it is. We have removed links to individual blogs above which are no longer accessible but which still are listed on A Fistful of Euros.

All About Latvia
Blogging in the Baltic is still fairly rare, so that we are happy about All About Latvia, which is the birthplace of both of the EU Pundit's parents. Check out e.g. the postings on the
University of Latvia or If you plan to visit Latvia.

American in London
Monica writes: "Moved to London Sept 2004 and am loving every minute of this bizzare and crazy city. The culture shock is extreme, but that's what's making life here so fantastic!"

Douglas Arellanes is a
13-year expatriate based in Prague, Czech Republic who writes: "The reasons for going somewhere are never the same as the reasons for staying, and I’m just fortunate to have found lots of good reasons for staying. I’ve always said I’d stay as long as it was both fun and interesting, and it’s been both so far. Knock wood."

Augustine's Blog
Natalie d'Arbeloff is a unique international London-based artist who
writes: "It's my conviction, supported by experience, that every individual regardless of age, background or education has some unique creative ability which can be encouraged, developed and in some cases become the driving force in their lives." We should put that quotation up on the doors to all schools. Make sure you check out her Gnovel (graphic novel).

"Seesaw" blogs out of Sarajevo, sometimes in English (studied at Leeds) and sometimes in Serbo-Croatian. There is coverage of all of the countries in the Balkans, e.g.
UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Serbia.

Franco Alemán blogs out of Barcelona, Spain, producing blog versions in both Spanish and English. He recently
wrote: "Oh, by the way, the news above comes from the Spain Herald, a new online newspaper in English from the same guys at Libertad Digital, the widely successful online newspaper in Spanish and one of the very few ones with a libertarian, centrist -and sometimes a bit too conservative for my taste- perspective. Spain is probably the Western country more dominated by a liberal/leftist MSM. So any outlet which is not anti-Western, not anti-American, not Bush-hater is certainly welcome. I recommend it. "
We ourselves are political centrists, so that such a statement is of course music to our ears.

Bear Strong
Bjorn Staerk blogs out of Norway and even has a
Norwegian blog manifesto. See his series of posts on Friedrich A. Hayek's The Constitution of Liberty.

Berlin Sprouts
Ulrich Buechsenschuetz of Berlin, Germany describes his blog as: "Comments, analyses, and off-shoots on European politics and culture". He recently posted: "This weekend's
Munich Conference on Security Policy once again showed that the current German government has ambitions on the foreign policy stage.Already on the first day, German Defense Minister Peter Struck had the unpleasant duty to read a speech by his boss, Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, who couldn't atted the conference because he was ill. Struck's task was made more difficult by the fact that the Sueddeutsche Zeitung knew the text in advance and had published excerpts from it.Schroeder's speech contained some passages with the potential to renew the transatlantic irritations. Here are some of them:" Read the blog to find out what they were.

Stuart Mudie is a
freelance writer and editor posting out of Paris, France. He informs us that: "Blethers is a Scots word that, when used as an exclamation, means something like "I don't believe a word you're saying". As a verb, "to blether" means "to chat" - usually about everything and nothing."

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